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What if I told you that there is a proven, legit way to grow your money over time? All you need to do is learn the fundamentals, terms and have a stomach made of iron.

This has been proven over time and is publicly available to anyone, yet people refuse to accept it and miss out on huge gains of wealth that it could provide. You do not need to go to college to learn about this or be one of the smartest people alive. All you have to do is research companies that you know and then invest in the companies if they are selling at a good value and let your money do all of the work for you while you wait patiently.

One key word could make you wealthy over time: INVEST

With the housing market so inflated as of 2017, one of the most straightforward and best investments a person could make is in the stock market. This is truly the hidden gem of wealth creation that people refuse to use because of recent bad memories (especially if you are a millennial like me) such as the recent Great Recession that started in December of 2007.

I recommend anyone who is interested in the stock market begin by learning the fundamentals of buying stock in some of the greatest companies around and learn different kind of terms related to stocks such as some of the following: P/E, EPS, Volume, and Market Cap. A lot of important definitions and information for beginners related to the stock market could be found here. Make sure you do as much research as possible before buying your first stock. I recommend researching as much as possible and while you are researching, play this game: Make a list on paper of what stocks you would buy and create a fake budget of about $100,000, then spend it on your fake stocks and track the stocks over time for fun and see how much money you would have made. This is good practice because it shows you how stocks move in specific directions. This will help plenty before deciding to invest your real money into the stock market.

You could also use an app/website called StockTwits to communicate with other investors about specific stocks. The app is similar to twitter, it is a community based around the stocks of companies. Although I would not trust other investors who post because a lot post false information or simply do not know how to make money from stocks and try to mislead you with manipulation, but it may be useful for you at first to see a lot of the information available.

To begin down the path of wealth generation by building your wealth from the bottom, all you have to do is click the image below and sign up using a free stock trading app that I highly recommend, which is available on the Google or Apple app store. You and I will both receive a free share of stock from companies such as Facebook, Apple, Ford, ect… COMPLETELY FREE! The value is receiving a share of a company worth anywhere from $3-$170 FREE! All you need to do is sign up (no need to enter your bank information in order to receive the free share of stock, simply sign up!)

This will greatly help me out and allow me to keep posting new articles such as articles about the basics anyone should know about the stock market, which has made me large returns. This may also encourage you to go down the magical path of investing that will possibly lead you to great wealth if you learn to be a disciplined investor and make smart decisions.

The app that I am referring you to is completely free to use, very reliable and safe. Forget the $7 fee that many stock brokers charge you every time you purchase or sell a single stock. This app is completely free to use to purchase or sell stocks and the app is very simple looking and easy to use. I highly recommend it!

I am simply writing this article to help you learn to invest. I am not responsible for any losses that you may occur. I tried to outline the smart way to go about investing which includes lots of research and time to learn, so any gain or loss of your money is solely your fault, and only your fault. By reading this web page or clicking the free stock image, you agree to this statement.